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RAW de-Bayer Interpolations

by Enzo De Bernardini

RAW Format Preferences

In RAW format preferences (RAW Format Preferences, inside the exploration windows in Format Explorer, pressing Edit Preferences button in the corresponding DSLR_RAW node) it is possible to choose between four interpolations options for de-Bayer an image. Here are shown examples of each one utilizing the same area of an image zoomed in 3:1 and with identical STF applied.

  • Bilinear
  • Threshold-Based Variable Number of Gradients (VNG)
  • Patterned Pixel Grouping (PPG)
  • Adaptative Homogeneity-Directed (AHD)
  • Adaptative Homogeneity-Directed (AHD)
    +Opción Interpolate RGB as four colors

Default option and most recommendated is VNG (Threshold-Based Variable Number of Gradients)

Last Update: 29/03/2014 14:22 UT

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