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BPP - (12) Generate Drizzle Data

1. Check Generate drizzle data on the Image Registration section.

2. Run BatchPreprocessing script.

3. On the script's output directory /registered/ are the files and the _c_d_r.drz files.

4. Open the ImageIntegration tool and Add Files that you have on the /registered/ directory.

5. Click the Add Drizzle Files button and select the _c_d_r.drz files on the /registered/ directory.

6. After ImageIntegration, open the DrizzleIntegration tool. Select the same _c_d_r.drz files on the /registered/ directory. Execute globally.


Note: Use drizzle for undersampled images. You need many and dithered images to apply DrizzleIntegration.


Note: Actual limitation in version 1.8.3: .drz files must be generated without a ROI enabled.


See more detailed information in this post in PixInsight Forum.

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Last Update: 07/07/2015 01:44 UT