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BPP - (13) Bayer Drizzle

1. Check Generate drizzle data on the Image Registration section and Check Bayer drizzle on the DeBayer section.

2. Run BatchPreprocessing script.

3. On the script's output directory /calibrated/light/bayer are the _c_b.fits files that the DrizzleIntegration tool will use to generate the final drizzled image. These files are RGB images with the CFA components split in separate channels. These images are calibrated (and optionally cosmetized) raw data; they have not been demoisaiced or registered.

On the script's output directory /registered/ are the files

On the script's output directory /registered/bayer are the _c_d_r_b.drz files 

4. Open the ImageIntegration tool and Add Files that you have on the /registered/ directory.

5. Click the Add Drizzle Files button and select the _c_d_r_b.drz files on the /registered/bayer directory.

6. After ImageIntegration, open the DrizzleIntegration tool. Select the same _c_d_r_b.drz files on the /registered/bayer directory.  Execute globally.

Note: Use drizzle for undersampled images. You need many and dithered images to apply Bayer drizzle. The result will be a demosaiced image without any interpolation.

See more detailed information in this post in PixInsight Forum.

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