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Image property of Carlos David, publicated in PixInsight Forum.

The DynamicBackgroundExtraction tool (DBE) generates a background model that can be applied to produce a corrected version of the target image.

The Background Neutralization tool equalizes the average red, green and blue components of a color deep sky image to yield a neutral gray rendition of the sky background.

The ColorCalibration tool performs a balancing of the colors of a linear RGB deep-sky image based on the criteria of maximize information representation in the calibrated color image and don't favor any particular color or spectral type as a white reference.

Notes: DBE has checked Normalization option what implies you will need to apply further Background Neutralization tool. If you let it unchecked, and depending on the image, you may not need to apply Background Neutralization tool.

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Download DBE_BN_CC.xpsm

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