Video Tutorial

Background Neutralization

BackgroundNeutralization tool neutralizes the sky background of a color deep-sky image.

BackgroundNeutralization requires a good background reference, usually a preview, that have to include mainly data that actually represents the sky background in the target image.

This video shows five different images of different objects and exposures times, without calibration and de-Bayered for quick visualization only.

Taken with a modified DSLR, all the images have a red cast that can be corrected using BackgroundNeutralization tool.

One of the most important values to consider is the upper limit of rejection of the reference image. A quick approximation of the value to be used can be read in the toolbar Readout.

A neutral background is a necessary precondition to perform a correct color calibration. The BackgroundNeutralization tool can be applied prior to ColorCalibration or other color calibration tools and procedures.

See a complete description of this tool in the Reference Documentation section.

Note: In the third image the upper limit is not selected the first time and the result is not as expected.


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